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doing as vegetation does

It was a rather short four day work week, thanks to good ol’ Queen Victoria. Apparently, Victoria Day is not only a celebration of Queen Victoria’s birthday, but also the reigning Monarch’s birthday. Interestingly enough, by royal proclaimation Canada has historically changed the “official birthday in Canada” of a reigning monarch to align with Victoria Day. I guess when you’re the Queen you’re allowed to change even your birthday.

This weekend was rather relaxing. Between attempts at finishing a course project for a grad school course (now three weeks overdue … and counting), I managed to watch a substantial amount of television. Including a couple of documentaries show on CBC’s The Passionate Eye: Bowling for Columbine and Journeys With George. Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine is as controversial as it is witty, and much of the kerfuffle has been well discussed, argued, rebutted, and beaten to death by the media. Thus, I have very few words to spare on this documentary. As a Canadian, it should be obvious to which side of the controversy I find myself on.

Journeys with George is a winner. The film is Alexandra Pelosi’s self-proclaimed “home video” of her year on the campaign trail with then-Texas Governor George W. Bush’s bid for the Republican Candidacy and ultimately the White House. It’s a remarkable piece, providing an insight into political journalism, the incredulity of the campaign trail and rallies, the political shenanigans between a candidate and his or her press pack, and the surrealism of two very different individuals who just happen to be trapped on the same plane as a result of their goals and inspirations, not much unlike one of my favourites, Sofia Coppola’s Lost in Translation. Read on for a short review.

still reading…

So I just finished reading a non-fiction piece, Edison and the Electric Chair : A Story of Light and Death by Mark Essig. I picked the hardcover book up for quite a steal at $5.39 at the local Indigo. It’s quite an interesting read: in a style not much unlike Bill Bryson (in his famous A Short History of Nearly Everything) Essig recounts almost laughable historic gaffs and misconceptions about electricity; he goes on to detail the great inventor Edison’s struggles in creating electric light and the difficulties in delivering this new product into the homes of the masses; finally he segues into the dangers of electricity and the development of the electric chair: a humane alternative for execution. This morbid curiosity into capital punishment was spawned recently from perusing Dead Man Eating, an addictively grotesque website archiving the last meals of inmates prior to execution.

I’m moving on to read Moon Handbook: Atlantic Canada in preparation for my jaunt in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island later this summer. As of today, travel guides from all three provinces are hurtling towards my mailbox at an accelerated pace. Had I known you can order free travel guides through their respective tourism office websites, I wouldn’t have forked out some exorbitant sum for the book.

Why Atlantic Canada? Lobsters, hiking, coastal scenery and towns, and of course, photography. The only problem is now figuring out where to go and how to spend the oh-so-valuable vacation time. Any trip suggestions from well-travelled readers?

blog v2

It’s finally time to face the music. My old, aging, blog is dead. Rest in peace. The jury is still out, but the coroner’s report suggests that the blog died because it was hardly updated, the software was horribly written (by none other than yours truly), and the “true” focus of the blog became horribly convoluted.

So how is this blog going to be any different? Well, let’s see…