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It’s finally time to face the music. My old, aging, blog is dead. Rest in peace. The jury is still out, but the coroner’s report suggests that the blog died because it was hardly updated, the software was horribly written (by none other than yours truly), and the “true” focus of the blog became horribly convoluted.

So how is this blog going to be any different? Well, let’s see…

Software. I’ve thrown away that clunky BlogGen that I wrote, and replaced it with this very spiffy WordPress. It’s very user friendly. I like using it a lot more than my old stuff.

Focus. I’ve got a focus now. Where as my previous blog sort of concentrated on my geeky university life, trials, and tribulations, I’ve decided to celebrate my ascension (or perhaps, lament my reduction) to a different life-form: full-time working geek.

Updating. I’ll write more. I promise.

I must sound hypocritical, given that I’ve spoken out loudly on why blogging sucks. Well, blogging sucks. But I must admit that it does have its merits. There’s a fleeting, temporal nature to a blog entry. Something that isn’t captured in a wiki page, akin to the freshness and vigour of a newspaper as compared to your old and dusty Encyclopaedia Britannica. When writing a wiki page, there’s a restraint, a nagging voice in the back your mind that forbids you from adding temporally sensitive information — the thing that happened just last week that will be irrelevant and forgotten the very next. This random noise, this unmeasurable ether, this day to day variation — that’s what was missing, and hopefully with this blog I can recapture some of it.

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